Ozone Therapy Acne (Ozon Minor)

Acne or as known in medical terms with acne vulgaris is a skin problem that often disrupts face appearance. Lately the acne cases have been increasing, especially in teenagers. Based on the research, there is other factors that can trigger acne, ie, free radical which is less considered. A person with acne problems, the levels of antioxidants which can counteract free radicals in the body are much lower than those with healthy skin.

Treatment Process

From these findings, Profira Aesthetic and Anti Aging Clinic introduces Minor Ozone therapy (AHT minor) to overcome the stubborn acne cases. The principle of this therapy is using ozone in small dosage, and then mixed with the patient blood as much as 5-10 ml, and then injected back in.

How Ozone Therapy Acne Works

Minor AHT therapy works to stimulate the immune system that are useful to accelerate the healing of inflammatory reactions. Additionally, these therapies can improve the establishment of antioxidants in the body, which is needed to overcome the free radicals that cause acne.

Treatment Interval

Minor AHT therapy can be carried out four times in a row, for starters. After that, doing maintenance adapted to acne conditions. To obtain optimal results, can be combined with other acne therapy available.